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Founded in 2004 in response to ever-increasing amounts of redundant computer hardware, most of the people who work in our company have a number of years experience in the computer industry, including areas such as Data Protection and Health and Safety. Easy-Recycle offer a service to any company wishing to get rid of their old office electronic equipment and simply dispose of it in the correct manner necessary. Our staff who are skilled in the correct recycling of electrical equipment are able to either repair or take apart which item we work with. Our aim is to achieve as near to 100% recycling or re-use as possible.

Items we recycle:

  • PC / Laptops
  • Servers
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Network Equipment
  • Phones
  • Office Equipment

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WEEE Recycling

All processing takes place in line with European WEEE Regulations and the UK Environment Agency. Easy-Recycle is registered with the Environment Agency...

Computer Recycling

Computer recycling is the process of collecting old computers and disassembling or repairing the computer components or metals used in the computer....